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If you want to see what Rocket Science have been up to these past years, this is the page for you.

15/11/03  The band release the single One Robot in the UK on the 24th November the CD includes a remix by NY keyboard freaks Secret Machines and its worth the admission price alone.
14/11/03  Loads and loads of dates for the Overseas Rocket Science Tour are on the Gigs page, so click HERE to see where they are playing.
17/09/03  After blowing away UK audiences and being described "the best live band in the world", Rocket Science are home and getting ready for the Livid festivals. Click here for lots more info about the festivals.
01/09/03  Septembers issue of London radio station Xfm's magazine X-Ray includes a free cd which features an exclusive session version of Rocket Science's "Being Followed"
21/08/03  Here's a quick Q&A with Kit Warhurst.


age: 28
star sign: pisces
role in band: x-factor, drums
first record: the osmonds christmas album
fave pop star: sophie monk
worst nightmare: travelling economy
mode of transport: public
last book: timetable
fave snack: chips and dip
why buy record?: you be the judge of that
superstitious? no
vice: campari and lemonade
20/08/03 Rocket Science have been garnering some impressive press on their current UK dates and for their "Contact High" album. "Sounds like The Hives being run over by a truckload of Small Faces", thought the NME. "The funkiest garage-rock experience to hit these shores in years", according to "The Independent". Kerrang! gushed, 'Oz's most magnificent export has finally arrived, and its definitely been worth the wait." The act will play at both the Reading Festival on August 21st and the Leeds Festival on August 22nd before heading home to Melbourne to play on Livid, and finish off demos for their second album.
18/08/03  Just incase you may have missed reading the reviews that the NME gave 'Being Followed' and 'Contact High', click HERE and you will find them on the Reviews page.
17/08/03  The September issue of 'Mojo' magazine has an interview with Rocket Science, on the 'Mojo Rising' page. For those of you who may not be able to get a hold of the mag, click HERE to read a transcript of the interview.
08/08/03  Rocket Science will be playing at The Livid festival in Australia in October. See Gigs page for places and dates.
07/08/03  A new London date has been announced for Rocket Science. They will play The Buffalo Bar on Tuesday August 12.
01/08/03  The next Rocket Science London gig is at Dirty Water @ The Boston on August 8. Tickets can be purchased at Intoxica Records, 231 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London W11
or from 17b Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RD during office hours.
31/07/03  Contact High is well and truly in the shops now, so get along down to your local record store and pick up a copy, saw the Vinyl at HMV in Picadilly Circus yesterday, so it IS available, you just need to look. But if you can't be bothered, then you can order through them via mail order.
24/06/03  Rocket Science are touring the UK in July and August.
They will also play the Carling Stage at Reading and Leeds .
For dates, check out the GIGS page
23/06/03  Click HERE to see some great pix taken by Dave at The Espy in Melbourne.
18/06/03  A few Rocket Science dates have been announced, more to follow soon. Check the Gigs page for dates.

Released July 21 2003

12/06/03  Rocket Science will be releasing the single "Being Followed" on July 12th, and the new album "Contact High" on July 21st in the UK. Tour dates will soon be posted on this site, so keep checking.
11/06/03  Click here to take you to the Rocket Science Forum on the official site. Say what you want about the band.
19/05/03  On May 14, The Mercury Lounge in NY saw Rocket Science play to a welcoming audience. If you were there, email me at rocketscience@nme.com and say what you thought, and i will put your comments on the Reviews page.
The band play Spaceland in LA on May 20th, so CHECK THEM OUT!!!
18/05/03  Rocket Science feature on TODAYS Live At The Wireless on Triple J at 5pm.
07/05/03  Check out the  Reviews page for a review recently in the NME.
05/05/03  Rocket Science start their Headline shows tomorrow night, on the 6th of May at Wolverhampton Little Civic. So if you thought they rocked out with The Vines, then don't miss them play their own show, with loads more songs.
24/04/03  Rocket Science played a great gig last night at The Astoria and from what i heard and saw from the crowd they received a good reception from the punters. Don't miss seeing them at one of their future gigs. See the Gigs page for dates.
23/04/03  Rocket Science play The Astoria TONIGHT supporting The Vines.
21/04/03  Run Like A Gun is released today in the UK. Limited to 500 7" and 1000 cd single.  It's easy to find as Virgin and HMV have it displayed on their New Release racks.

17/04/03  Rocket Science are featured in this weeks NME. An interview with Roman.Yayyyyy

Rocket Science will be releasing their debut "Run Like A Gun" EP in the UK on 21 April thru Eat Sleep Records. As well as playing some gigs with The Vines and The Music they will be playing their own headline shows. Click 
HERE for details.
02/04/03  Rocket Science are playing some FREE GIGS in Melbourne soon, so checkout the GIGS page for details. This will be your last chance to see the guys before they go O/S so DON'T MISS OUT!!!!
14/03/03  ROCKET SCIENCE SIGN TO EAT SLEEP RECORDS!! Rocket Science have signed a deal with new UK/Europe label Eat Sleep Records. Eat Sleep is part of the Ministry of Sound network. The first release under this deal is an EP out 21 April featuring the tracks Run Like A Gun (plus video), Burn In Hell (plus video), Copycat and 6 Foot 4. Rocket Science will be touring UK from 23 April to 14 May. This will be supported by another UK tour in July. Stay tuned for more details
13/03/03  Rocket Science return to NSW FOR A FEW GIGS before heading o/s. Click HERE for details.
12/03/03  If anyone in The UK is wondering where to purchase the cd "Contact High" by Rocket Science, it is available at HMV, Tower and Virgin. I have seen copies in all these stores at about 17.99 pounds. GO BUY A COPY NOW!!!!!
05/03/03  Rocket Science Overseas tour dates are posted on the gigs page. Click HERE for a look.
03/03/03   ROCKET SCIENCE will play one show on The Gold Coast, click HERE for details.
28/02/03  Rocket Science play the Adelaide O Ball on March 1 at 7.05 - 7.50pm.
07/02/03  Sunday 9th February the Espy presents its celebration for the 2003 St Kilda Festival...featuring a huge line-up of bands, and a never, ever before used outdoor stage in the "Espy Backyard"...how's this for a line-up...Rocket Science, Dallas Crane, Sixfthick (Brisvegas), Two Lane Blacktop (NZ) & Dan Kelly. AND ITS FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06/02/03  The Big Day In on Channel V kicks off on Sat 8 Feb from midday to 8pm with Rocket Science featuring on the day, so check it out.

What a lovely pic!!

02/02/03  TODAY Rocket Science hit the Green Stage at 12.15pm - 1.00pm, at the Perth BDO.
01/02/03  Currently flaunting their own inimitable brand of rock'n'roll on the National Big Days Out, ROCKET SCIENCE are proving that they are every bit the extraordinary live band critics and fans have been touting them to be over the last few years.

With the year ahead already shaping up to be a busy one, ROCKET SCIENCE look set to head back to the U.K. by mid year, where they have signed a record deal and will be releasing "Contact High" to an eagerly waiting British public. Plans are also underway for the band to head to NYC before the end of the year where more label talks will take place. In the short window between prospective overseas travel, ROCKET SCIENCE will spend whatever spare time they have behind closed doors writing new material and demoing songs for the next record.

But before they head off in search of world domination - ROCKET SCIENCE will play selected shows in Sydney and Melbourne this month. See Gigs page for dates.
31/01/03  TODAY Rocket Science hit the JJJ Essential Stage at 5.15pm - 6.00pm, at the Adelaide BDO.
27/01/03  Channel V will once again be at the Melbourne Big Day Out and talking to Rocket Science sometime during the day, so tune in from 4pm AEDST on Monday 27 January - and in case you miss it, the whole thing is being repeated on Tuesday 28th @ 1pm.
26/01/03  BEING FOLLOWED made the Triple J Hottest 100, coming in at number 91. HOORAAAYYYY, About bloody time one of their songs made it!
25/01/03  Rocket Science hit the GREEN STAGE at 12.30pm - 1.10pm on MONDAY the 27th at the Melbourne Big Day Out.
25/01/03  Rocket Science hit the GREEN STAGE at 12pm - 12.45pm TODAY at the Sydney Big Day Out.
21/01/03  Don't forget to vote for Rocket Science in this years Triple J Hottest 100. Click here to register your vote. You have until 5pm THIS FRIDAY.
16/01/03  Much has been made of the ROCKET SCIENCE story; four Melbourne-based musicians who were bound to each other during 1998 by a love of mid-twentieth centry rock and roll, augmented by lashings of insane punk ethic and a near-inconceivable amount of sass.
Their picture perfect live show has spun them all kinds of attention both here and overseas -'not the least being theat of the SUPERGRASS lads who took them out on the road as the opening act on their November 2002 European Tour. The tour proved to be very lucrative indeed, with a number of offers from U.K. labels and potential touring offers across the U.S. and Europe already on the table for 2003. But in the meantime ROCKET SCIENCE are back from their International travels and looking forward to stepping onto the stage for the National run of BIG DAY OUT shows this coming Janurary / February.
As an added bonus, the band will be performing a special club show as a precursor to the Gold Coast Big Day Out in lovely downtown Brisbane....you can cath them....
With special guests: THE AAMPIRELLAS

20/12/02  Check out the Channel V site for some great Rocket Science pics taken at Homebake 2002
06/12/02  Rocket Science will be performing at Homebake this weekend on Saturday the 7th, at Sydneys' Domain. They hit the DOME stage at 5.15pm - 6.00pm.
05/12/02  A new Homebake cd has been released this week.. "Homebake Volume 6", and Run Like A Gun, by Rocket Science is featured on the cd.
17/11/02  If you haven't seen the vids for the tunes Rocket Science have released, then click HERE and this link will take you there.
05/11/02 Rocket Science have been wowing the crowds in the UK, and even had a nice little spiel in the NME. When they hit our shores again, make sure you don't miss out on seeing them.  The Vines Who??
08/10/02  Click HERE to see the dates for the O/S Rocket Science shows.
07/10/02  The Official Rocket Science web site is now up and running, so check it out :-)  www.rocketsciencerock.com
04/10/02  If you haven't seen it already, Run Like A Gun will be on Rage just before 3am on TONIGHTS show.
04/10/02  Rocket Science will be playing at The Falls Festival, Lorne, December 30 - January 1 2002/2003.
03/10/02  It's that time of year again when Big Day Out bands start to get announced, and I'm happy to tell you that Rocket Science are on next years bill, playing Auckland to Perth. Check this link for more details. www.bigdayout.com
02/10/02 Rocket Science are getting an Official Website soon, so stay tuned for details.
24/09/02  Tune into Channel V tomorrow night (Wednesday 25th) at 10.30pm, as there will be a Rocket Science triple play on the Night Shift show.
18/09/02  Rocket Science will be appearing on Channel Vs WhatUWant request program on Friday the 20th from 4pm.
17/09/02  Rocket Science will be playing gigs in N.S.W this weekend, so catch them on Thursday September 19th - Newcastle Uni, Newcastle
Friday September 20th - Kelts Bar, Blaxland
Saturday September 21st - Annandale Hotel, Sydney 
06/09/02  Run Like A Gun will be shown on Rage Tonight (fri) just after midnight and Tomorrow (sat) after 3.30am.

03/10/02  It's that time of year again when Big Day Out bands start to get anounced, and I'm happy to tell you that Rocket Science are on next years bill, playing Auckland to Perth. Check this link for more details. www.bigdayout.com/theshow_bandshow.php?band_id=131
02/10/02 Rocket Science are getting an Official Website soon, so stay tuned for details.
24/09/02  Tune into Channel V tomorrow night (Wednesday 25th) at 10.30pm, as there will be a Rocket Science triple play on the Night Shift show.
18/09/02  Rocket Science will be appearing on Channel Vs WhatUWant request program on Friday the 20th from 4pm.
17/09/02  Rocket Science will be playing gigs in N.S.W this weekend, so catch them on Thursday September 19th - Newcastle Uni, Newcastle
Friday September 20th - Kelts Bar, Blaxland
Saturday September 21st - Annandale Hotel, Sydney 
06/09/02  Run Like A Gun will be shown on Rage Tonight (fri) just after midnight and Tomorrow (sat) after 3.30am.

18/09/02  Rocket Science will be appearing on Channel Vs WhatUWant request program on Friday the 20th from 4pm.
17/09/02  Rocket Science will be playing gigs in N.S.W this weekend, so catch them on Thursday September 19th - Newcastle Uni, Newcastle
Friday September 20th - Kelts Bar, Blaxland
Saturday September 21st - Annandale Hotel, Sydney 
06/09/02  Run Like A Gun will be shown on Rage Tonight (fri) just after midnight and Tomorrow (sat) after 3.30am.

05/09/02  A new Rocket Science Interview on the Interviews page
04/09/02  It's time to vote for [V]'s 6th Annual Artist of the year.  http://www.channelv.com.au/ Voting closes 5pm Fri 4 October.The Rocket Science voting number is 71.
28/08/02  After their whirlwind tour of the UK and the US, Rocket Science will be returning to Australia to play at this years Homebake on Saturday December 7 at Sydney's Domain. For more details, check out the Homebake website. www.homebake.com.au
26/08/02  Run Like A Gun has re-entered the Triple J Net 50 at Number 49!!
25/08/02  Rocket Science will be doing an instore at "Skinny's" in Brisbane on Sept 14.
21/08/02  If you are in the UK in October, click here to see the Supergrass dates, with Rocket Science as support.
16/08/02  Before taking off on their first ever overseas trip with Supergrass, Rocket Science will head out for one last hurrah along the East Coast, hoping to earn enough money to keep them in Guinness and cigarettes while they wow international audiences. To coincide with the shows, Modular Recordings will be servicing "Run Like A Gun" to radio on Monday August 19th, and releasing to TV a live clip of the track, which is a collage of footage shot on their recent national album tour:
15/08/02  When Rocket Science opened for UK band Supergrass's Australian tour, they seem to have impressed the Brits. Not only did they stand side stage to watch Rocket Science, but 'Grass singer Gaz told people Rocket Science were "best bloody band I've heard in simply ages." They've been asked to open for Supergrass' UK tour in October. They kick off on October 11th and taking in shows from Belfast to Glasgow to Leeds, the tour culminates at the end of October with three shows at London's Shepherds Bush Empire. With growing interest abroad, and high powered booking agents representing Rocket Science in the U.K., Europe and the U.S. Rocket Science will stick around in London after the Supergrass tour to headline a few of their own shows in early November. The band will then make their way to New York and L.A. for further showcase gigs, in the hope of securing an international album release.
14/08/02  If you want Rocket Science on your desktop, then check out this link. http://www.channelv.com.au/desktops/images/August2002/ROCKET%20SCIENCE.jpg
09/08/02  New Splendour review on the Reviews page.
07/08/02  Up and coming shows are being added to the Gigs page, so keep checking to see when Rocket Science are playing in your town.
06/08/02  Check out this link for up and coming Rocket Science gigs in Melbourne. http://melbourne.citysearch.com.au/profile?id=11892
03/08/02  Rumours flying wildly are that Rocket Science are tipped to support Supergrass in some up and coming UK shows.
02/08/02  Great New Pics from The Palace, Supergrass support, thanks to Bianca, she's a champ!
01/08/02   Rocket Science play the Adelaide Uni Bar on SATURDAY the 3rd. Support will be from Fez Perez and Kentucky 74
19/07/02  Rocket Science perform at Splendour In The Grass on Saturday the 20th at 2:30 - 3:10pm.
18/07/02   Rocket Science  play at the  Adelaide Uni Bar Sat Aug 3. YAYYYY
04/07/02   FRIDAY - Rocket Science play at  Revolver Upstairs, Prahran. See gig page for details.
Details for the Adelaide gig have still not been announced, but hold tight,
as soon as they are, the date will be posted on this site.
03/ 07/02  New pics from Dave in the photo gallery from the Triple R Rooftop gig.
01/07/02  Check out this great review by Pop on Top.

East Timor Fundraiser

Tote Hotel

71 Johnston St

Collingwood. Victoria

Friday, Jun 28  8:00pm


Rocket Science, Neon, The Devil Dolls


21/06/02  Rocket Science are the half time entertainment at the Sacred Heart Challange Cup on Sunday.

10/06/02  The re-direct url for this website  fly.to/rocketscience has been a bit iffy lately, so if you are having trouble, bookmark rocketscience1.tripod.com and that will get you to the site. :-)
04/06/02  If you haven't checked it out already, click on the EMI pic on the Links page and you will be able to see the videos for Being Followed And Burn In Hell. Very nice...
28/05/02  It looks like Run like A Gun will be the next single released mid June, so keep an eye out for it. 
27/05/02  All you people in Adelaide who thought that they were going to miss out on seeing Rocket Science, due to Supergrass not coming to town, don't despair. Rocket Science WILL be in Adelaide on Friday 12th July - the venue yet to be announced. 
20/05/02  Despite the fact that their last National tour finished less than a month ago the boys from Rocket Science have had plans for Winter hibernation messed up by their ever thoughtful management who have secured them the sought after support spot on the upcoming Supergrass shows. So for anyone that missed them in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Byron here's your chance again.
Check out the 'Gigs' page for details.
05/05/02  Hard, fast, furious and above all FUN!! How else could you describe the recently completed Rocket Science national tour? After playing 15 shows to mostly packed houses (including their awesome homecoming at the Corner Hotel) the boys all made it home in one piece and are now safely ensconced in the comfort of their own beds. With plans afoot for a new single i doubt whether they'll be allowed to rest for too long!
25/04/02  Rocket Science are set to play the mid-Winter festival
Splendour In The Grass at Belongil Fields, Byron Bay, Saturday Jul 20 and
Sunday Jul 21. The full Saturday line-up is Gomez, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, george, Grinspoon, Rocket Science, Gerling, 1200 Techniques and Forte, with Supergrass joining Doves, Krafty Kuts, John Butler Trio, Machine Gun Fellatio, Spiderbait, Dan Brodie & The Broken Arrows, Paul Mac and One Dollar Short on the Sunday. Punters have the option of buying tickets to either Saturday or Sunday or both days. Camping costs extra, but will secure you accommodation for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Tickets on sale Friday May 3 on 131 931 and from the usual outlets.
24/04/02  'Heavy Traffic' was featured on
'The Secret Life Of Us', which means that anyone who watches the show O/S will get to hear Rocket Science!
23/04/02  Thank you Melbourne" - a sold out show at The Corner was what they were hoping for and what they got. By the end of the night Rocket Science delivered the goods and left no doubts to the fact that it'll happen over and over again. With their heavy touring and promo schedule showing no sign of slowing the boys down they tore through their set in typical style. If you get a chance (Armidale, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron) don't miss the all singing, all dancing, sweat soaked lords of rock.

22/04/02  Some new reviews from the Melbourne Rocket Science gigs on the reviews page. Check 'em out.

21/04/02  The latest issue of JUICE magazine features Run Like A Gun by Rocket Science on its free cd.
12/04/02  Check out the Interviews page to see what the guys have to say about their wonderful band :-)
09/04 02  Half way through their national headline tour and the Science are going from strength to strength. Hot on the heels of their cool new video for Being Followed and a sell out Metro gig in Sydney the band are preparing for a raucous hometown welcome at the Corner Hotel on Saturday April 13. Be there, cheer them on, and confirm that they truly are as handsome in real life as they are on the covers of their CDs
03/04/02  Catch Rocket Science on Pepsi live on SUNDAY the 7th and repeated on Tuesday the 9th of April. They will be performing 'Being Followed'.
24/03/02  Come along for the recording of
episodes 5 and 6 Pepsi Live Wednesday 27th March, 2002 7pm City LIVE
Performing live on stage
rocket science
(subject to bar tab availability)
CALL 9959 2228 to register your details
or email: pepsi_live@hotmail.com
Wednesday 27th March, 2002 7pm
City LIVE at Fox Studios Austraila
(Cnr Bent Street & Erroll Flynn Blvde, Moore Park. Enter via Lang Road, parking available Wilson Car Park Erroll Flynn Blvde).
13/03/02  "Being Followed" has entered the Triple J Net 50 at No. 45, first week in, and "One Robot" is holding steady at No. 43.
12/03/02  I have read some reviews lately which state that Contact High is the debut cd by Rocket Science!! Which is of course a load of rubbish, as Welcome Aboard the 3C10 was released in May 2000.  Get it right people!!
11/03/02  "Being Followed" is released today, so everyone go out and buy it!!
There is an interview with Paul Maybury on the Interviews page. Check it out and see what Paul has to say.
06/03/02  You know that Rocket Science are making it big as they have a few listings on Ebay!!!
01/03/02  Live @ the Wireless- Rocket Science  Monday 4th March at
9:00pm on Triple J.
26/02/02    Dont forget - Rocket Science - Live from the Triple R Rooftop.  Wednesday 27th Feb @ 6.30pm during Incoming.
After unleashing their new album "Contact High" on a keenly waiting general public - Rocket Science hit the road this coming March / April on a National tour that sees them visiting major cities and regional centres across the country.

With the album already garnering the kind of critical acclaim that record labels and bands dream about, it would appear that Rocket Science have released a beast that is an early contender for 2002's "Album of the Year''. Both journalists and reviewers are scrambling among themselves, literally spewing praise on the Melbourne four piece - "[Contact High is] Dripping with Sexuality and charged with juicy organ licks, fuzzy chiming guitars, and a funky rhythm section that could have got them a gig with the house band on Get Smart or Batman." AGE E.G.

Now long-recognised as one of Australia's finest live acts [a term that doesn't even come close to conveying the snarling intensity of a Rocket Science gig] , Rocket Science are taking their angry, attitude-laden baby on the road for a long and sweaty haul.

Accompanying the band on all dates throughout the tour [**with the exception of Perth] will be fellow Melbourne rock kids, Dallas Crane. About to embark on a trip to London to perform a couple of showcase gigs, Dallas Crane will return to Australia just in time to join Rocket Science on the impending tour. The band have been pretty busy for the past year making a name for themselves on the local live scene and across the airwaves, courtesy of some impossibly catchy tunes ["Already Gone", "Sit On My Knee" and "Come Again"] getting a spin on JJJ and indie radio stations across the country. 

23/02/02 A new band has surfaced in Adelaide called Kid Rocket Scientists. And guess what bands they cover?? Yep, Kid Rock, Rocket Science and The Scientists!!  Classic :-))
22/02/01  The video for Being Followed is the second song on RAGE tonight.
20/02/02 Great news in this week's ARIA Charts (w/c 18 February), with the new Rocket Science killer, Contact High coming in strongly at #75! Great stuff guys :-))

19/02/02 ROCKET SCIENCE- Live from the Triple R Rooftop.
Wednesday 27th Feb @ 6.30pm during Incoming.
Subscribers stay tuned to 3RRR to win tickets to the above 'Live To Air' gigs

17/02/02 One Robot has re-entered the Triple J Net 50 chart at Number 36.

15/02/02 Tour dates have been announced for the Contact High gigs. All dates for the States are listed on the gigs page.

Juice Magazine has given Contact High a 9/10 rating.

14/02/01 Check this out, not even released a week and Contact High is already in the charts!!

1. Contact High ROCKET SCIENCE
3. California Crossing FU MANCHU

1. Contact High ROCKET SCIENCE
2. Funk Drops VARIOUS
3. Natural High VARIOUS

6. After Everything Now This THE CHURCH
7. A Kingdom for a Hand Grenade BIEGE
8. Contact High ROCKET SCIENCE

13/02/02 Sunday the 17th of Feb sees Rocket Science playing at The Punters Club in Melbourne. It's the last ever show to be held at The Punters Club, and it's a FREE gig as well, so be early, or you will miss out.

11/02/02 TODAY Contact High is released, so nip down to your local record shop and buy it. Lets get this baby in the charts.

10/02/02 Listen to Triple J after 5,(TODAY) to hear Rocket Science on the 2002 show

09/02/02 'Contact High' has been selected by Triple J for their feature album of the week, commencing next week 11 February. 'Contact High' is instores on Monday

Check out the Discography page for the track listing of Being Followed.

07/02/02 "BEING FOLLOWED" will be the second single lifted from the forthcoming album "Contact High". It's release date will be March 4.
Anyone who has seen the band perform live will recognise instantly the intensity of the drum beat, the almost operatic sounding keys that spew forth from front man Roman Tuckers organ, and the unsettling bass line
that does indeed invoke feelings in the listener that there is someone out there watching. Having been a well-noted feature of the Rocket Science live spectacular for just over one year, many listen with an element of reluctance at the bands attempt to do the psychotic wonder recorded justice. That reluctance will be immediately followed by admiration for the bands ability to transfer the intensity that is conveyed so heart-stoppingly well during live performances onto the recorded format.

04/02/02 Only a week to go to the release of Contact High Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. It's a killer of a cd and won't disappoint Rocket Science fans, so place your orders now.

03/02/02 You to can play along with Rocket Science by clicking on the dancing gopher on the Links page. This will take you to a great page with loads of tabs for not only Rocket Science, but also The Monarchs, Youth Group 78 Saab and more. CHECK IT OUT.....

30/01/02 Rocket Science will be supporting The Scientists on Saturday Feb 16 at the HiFi Bar Melbourne.

Rocket Science do a one-off at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney on Friday February 1 before the release of their second album "Contact High" through Modular/EMI. Opening are punk-ass porchabilly duo The Mess Hall and band of brothers, The City Lights.

26/01/02 Unfortunately "One Robot" didn't make it into the Triple J Hottest 100 which SUCKS!!!!!
Ah well, we tried :-((

released 11 February

21/01/02 This is the cover for "Contact High", it's straight from the EMI site, so the pic isn't too flash, but as soon as i get a better one, i'll post it.

New pics from the Mornington gig are now on the Photo Gallery page. Check 'em out.

Voting for the Triple J Hottest 100 is now closed, so i hope everyone visited the links page and cast a vote for "One Robot".

16/01/02 The Review page has a lowdown on the recent Adelaide gig at The Minke Bar.

15/01/02 The release of the second album "Contact High" from Melbourne retro rock outfit Rocket Science has now been confirmed for February 11.
The album follows on from the Triple J hit 'One Robot' and from a series of incendiary single launches. Stay tuned for album launch dates.

14/01/02 One Robot has hit the Triple J Net 50 at number 49. C'MON PEOPLE, it deserves to get higher than that. VOTE FOR IT!!! it's easy, go to the Links page and hit the link!

11/01/02 Only 1 week to go to cast your vote for the Triple J Hottest 100 so click on the picture to vote for "One Robot"

09/01/02 Check out the Review page for a lowdown on the gig at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne.

08/01/02 Black Rose is a legendary band which features Kit Warhurst and a bunch of crazies and they performed a gig at the Punters club in Melbourne on Dec 29. Check out the reviews page to see what happened!

07/01/02 Yesterday saw Rocket Science blow away the Mornington residents with 5 rockin' songs via the Channel V music bus. Not being biased or anything, but it was the best performance of Burn In Hell i have seen. It was fast, manic and ROCKED!!!! even though Roman muffed the words a bit! :-) And poor Paul being subjected to the lame question/answer segment. Argghhh.. Dave gave a nice little interview to Yumi, he is so polite when he gives interviews!! Channel V will be showing highlights from the show during the week, so check out their site via the links page.

03/01/02 Dont forget to watch Channel V on Sunday, or turn up from 11am to Mornington Park, Off Main St at Snapper Point in Mornington as Rocket Science blast off the show!!

The Triple J Hottest 100 is well on its way, so vote for One Robot via the link on this page.
It was a crime that Copycat and Burn in Hell didnt make it last time, so make One Robot the single that does.

If anyone saw the last round of Rocket Science shows, send me a review and I'll publish it on the site.

click here to vote for One Robot

25/12/01 It's been a great year for Rocket Science, with some blinding gigs, the recording of their new LP "Contact High" and the release of the single "One Robot".
Next year will see the band gigging more, releasing more singles and "Contact High" in February.
2002 is going to be a busy year for the band, so keep dropping by this site, to see what Rocket Science are getting up to.
Don't forget to vote for "One Robot" in the JJJ Hottest 100. The links page will take you straight to the voting form.

21/12/01 Unfortunately, Rocket Science will now NOT be supporting The White Stripes, during their Sydney asn Melbourne shows. Bummerrrrrrr

With single launches under their belts and a swathe of excellent reviews tucked into their ports, Rocket Science are now preparing themselves to board the Channel [V] Music Bus on Sunday January 6.
For those in south eastern Victoria, the band will be joining Channel [V]'s Yumi and Andrew for a performance at the Mornington Peninsula.
Check the [V] site for details.

18/12/01 People in Adelaide, if you hurry you may be able to get a free pass to the Minke Bar gig on Friday, from any Big Star record shop.

10/12/01 "Rage" is now showing the video for 'One Robot' Click on the "Rage" link on the links page for broadcast times.

07/12/01 SINGLE OF THE WEEK...
The new single from Rocket Science was deservedly named the 'Single of the Week' in Melbourne's 'Inpress' magazine, which reviewed it thus:
"First and much anticipated offering from the forthcoming 'Contact High' album, this has just the right amount of psychedelic bizarreness to throw you off guard and ensure your curiosity for many listens to come. Imagine Kraftwerk suddenly got groove and learned to play rock instruments yep, this has all the desperate, below the waist rhythm of an orgy mixed with a 'what the hell are they on?' impression of enlightenment. Lead the way oh rock saviours!"
Released on November 26, the band has already launched the single in both Melbourne and Sydney, treating audiences to a raucous, grinding set. Still to come are launches in Adelaide and Brisbane. For dates check the gigs page.

07/12/01 Detroit's coolest kids The White Stripes are headed to Australia for spots on the Big Day Out as well as some shows of their own. Giving them a run for their money in the rock stakes in both Sydney and Melbourne is our own Rocket Science. Check gig page for dates.

05/12/01 Dave was on JJJ last Friday and gave a short interview by phone. Sorry, i didn't know about it earlier or i would have posted it on the site beforehand.

28/11/01 **TODAY** Rocket Science will be on the Triple J Drivetime shift 3-6pm.

26/11/01 *RELEASED TODAY** "One Robot" Head on down to your local record shop and buy it, or purchase it online from "Whammo" via the merchandise page.

18/11/01 For those that didn't know, Rocket Science bass player Dave Gray and guitarist Paul Maybury also play in the band "Megalong Valley" Read about their "Tote" gig in the reviews page.

18/11/01 'ONE ROBOT' ON JJJ.
Everything is right on track for the new Rocket Science release. With the release of the'One Robot' single less than two weeks away, JJJ have taken it upon themselves to add the track to high rotation. To vote for the song in JJJ's net 50 visit the links page and take it from there.

14/11/01 Adelaide and Brisbane dates have been posted. See the Gigs page for details.

12/11/01 **NEW PICS** Great new shots by Belinda So.Check out the Photo Gallery.

09/11/01 Check out the gigs page for new dates.

08/11/01 Much has been made of the Rocket Science story: four Melbourne-based musicians who were bound to each other during 1998 by a love of mid-twentieth century rock and roll, augmented by lashings of insane punk ethic and a near-inconceivable amount of sass.

True to the old adage 'no rest for the wicked' and without the patience for any pre-meditated or label enforced [and subsequently somewhat contrived] 'lull', Rocket Science have now recorded their second long player in 'Contact High'.

To keep wild fans at bay and as a warm-up lap before they whack the album out for all to hear, Rocket Science is now set to release upon their fans the single 'One Robot'. The first cut from the record and a somewhat eerie tribute to the Isaac Asimov-penned and robot-focused 'Foundation' series, the track is all clanging guitars and Druid-like vocals from the band's vocalist Roman Tucker, backed by his band mates Dave Gray, Paul Maybury and Kit Warhurst.

It's a move forward for the band, the song taking the energy of earlier Rocket Science works and applying it in a more pre-meditated style. Still psychotic in a more chilling sense, 'One Robot' is the work of a band ready to push the boundaries of a genre that is fairly narrow in terms of allowing room for progression.

"To you, a robot is a robot. Gears and metal. Electricity and positrons. Mind and iron. Human made. If necessary, human destroyed. But you haven't worked with them. So you don't know them. Theyre a cleaner, better breed than we are".

released 26 November

07/11/01 This is the cover of the new Rocket Science single "One Robot". Sorry about the crap scan. I'll try and get a better one soon.
Check out the Discography page for track listing.

The reason for "One Robot" to be the single instead of "Run Like A Gun", was that as a stand alone single to be released before the album it was the best choice. Apparantly the plan is to release "Run Like A Gun" as a single when the album is released next year.

Roman Tucker's game in the Sacred Heart Community Cup Match - got a few possesions, but struggled fitness wise to keep up with the flow of the game.... (Might be time to consider giving up the smokes Roman :)
Thanks Dave for sussing out the above info.

18/10/01 New Rocket Science single on the way.........
With a brand new LP in the can and ready for release on the 4th of February 2002, Melbourne four piece and purveyors of the finest brand of retro rock, Rocket Science, will be releasing a new single in 'One Robot' due for release come November 26.
It's the first taste of what's to come for the band, who impressed audiences and gained a large following with the release of their debut 'Welcome Aboard the 3C-10' last year. Recorded at Melbournes Hot House studios with Woody and The Rev of electronic outfit 'Pound System' the album is predominantly solid retro with inconceivably thick bass lines. The single, however, is a slight divergence from the norm for the band that should see them garner a whole host of new fans.

17/10/01 Rocket Science will be playing at The Meredith Music Festival 15-16 December. Check out the gig and links page for more details.

1/10/01 Check out the Discography page for the track listing to "Contact High".

26/09/01 The new Rocket Science LP "Contact High" will be released on November 12 2001.

24/09/01 Rocket Science will be playing at Hootenanny 2001 at Erskineville Oval on Saturday 3 November. Check out the Links / Gigs pages for more details.

23/09/01 The official reason given for Adelaide missing out on seeing Spiderbait and Rocket Science is that a suitable venue was not found!!

17/09/01 It looks like Spiderbait aren't going to Adelaide, so no Rocket Science for South Aussies. F***K!!!

13/09/01 Come on all you people who saw the Victorian shows, send in some reviews. rocketscience@nme.com

04/09/01 Sacred Heart Community Cup Footy Match.
Apparently Roman played footy on the weekend - Does anyone have more details??

28/08/01 Don't stress out if you miss seeing Rocket Science during the Spiderbait tour. The band will be doing their own shows around November to promote their new album "Contact High"

23/08/01 Check out the gig guide for tour dates with Spiderbait. All States.

16/08/01 Yes, here is the news youve all been hanging out for.
The new Rocket Science album is all recorded, mixed and ready to go. Yayyyyyy
The album will be called Contact High and features 11 tracks.
The album will hit the shops mid October.
On the live front, Rocket Science will be touring with Spiderbait in September,playing dates in Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane-Adelaide-Perth.
Tour dates will be posted soon.

3/8/01 We have reached over 1000 hits. THANKS A BUNCH to everyone that has checked out this site.

26/7/01 News on the new single will be posted soon.

10/07/01 The band are well into recording their new lp, and I have heard straight from the horses mouth,ie Kit, (who doesn't really look like a horse at all!!),that the songs are sounding great.

2/07/01 TODAY Rocket Science start recording their new lp.

20/06/01 July sees the band hit the studio for 3-4 weeks to record their new album which may have an October release.
Look out for tours to coincide with both the single and album, then Rocket Science will be playing the festival circuit.

19/06/01 It seems very likely that Run Like A Gun will be the new single to be released by Rocket Science, and may have an August release.

3 years ago today, Rocket Science had their first ever jam session at Midian Rehearsal Studio.

06/06/01 Did anyone see the Sydney shows last month. If you did drop me a line and let me know what you thought. rocketscience@nme.com

29/0501 Check out the photos page for new pics taken at The Minke Bar Adelaide.

28/0501 Recording of the new material went really well, let's hope we hear the end result soon.

17/05/01 Apologies to everyone who couldn't get in to Rocket Science's recent gigs at The Annandale Hotel in Sydney and The Punters Club in Melbourne (I think we warned you that they might sell out). Rocket Science are recording the first "experimental" track (and possible lead single) for their new album on Tuesday, 22 May at a secret location in Melbourne. Old skool fans might be a bit shocked at the choice of producer so everything is very tight lipped at this stage.
Bootleg copies of 16 new Rocket Science demos have been turning up and if you come accross any we encourage you not to copy them or pass them on. In fact, if you return them to us and explain where you got them we'll give you a free RS T-shirt and signed poster.
Now, lastly for all you New South Welshmen RS are playing two free gigs (yes "free" so be early or you definately won't get in):

Thursday, 24 May - Wollongong Uni (with The Del-Emmas)
Saturday, 26 May - Newtown RSL (with The Del-Emmas & The Gary Petersons)
Unfortunately at this stage it looks like a planned Brisbane trip for June will not eventuate.

17/05/01Look for a video called Quicksilver Domestic Project, which is a 30 minute surfing video and includes a FREE CD with "Burn In Hell" by Rocket Science as well as other great tracks by Eskimo Joe and Body Jar.

09/05/01 A new "Archives" page has been added to the site, where you will find old reviews and stuff about Rocket Science.

03/05/01 Check out the Interviews page to see what Roman has to say about the new album and other groovy things.

01/05/01 One year ago today Welcome Aboard the 3c10 was released. YAYYYYYYYYYY...

25/04/01 Adelaide witnessed the greatness of Rocket Science last Friday, check out the Reviews page for the lowdown of the show.

25/04/01 Check out SBS on Friday 27th April for a show called "Theremin, an electric odyssey" If you ever wanted to know about this unusual instrument this is the show for you.
12.30pm - 1.50 pm

18/04/01 Welcome Aboard The 3C10 flew into the Independent Charts at no 9.

10/04/01 A new single is on its way in a month or so, so keep your ears tuned to the radio.
Don't forget that you can request any Rocket Science song on the Triple J Super Request Show. Just go to the links page and take it from there..
You can also request the videos for Copycat and Burn In Hell on Channel V By Demand show. bydemand@channelv.com.au

09/04/01 The guys played to a packed house at The Punters Club in Melbourne last Saturday night. By all reports a good time was had by all.

29/03/01 Check out the new "Scooting" cd it features Burn In Hell, as well as other cool bands.

21/03/01 People in Adelaide keep the 20th of April free as Rocket Science WILL be playing at the groovy new venue The Minke Bar. Check the local press for more details.

12/03/01 A little birdie told me that Rocket Science will be doing a gig at the new Minke bar in Adelaide. stay tuned for dates.

09/03/01 After playing every festival and tour under the sun the lads have taken time off to work on the follow up to their debut album "Welcome Aboard the 3C10". Their label is being very tight lipped about what's going on but word has it that they've finished demo'ing and will enter the studio in the next couple of months. In the meantime they are set to do a couple of headline gigs in Sydney and Melbourne. For both gigs they will be supported by The Picture which features the enigmatic Dave Lane (from You Am I) in front man mode. Sydneysiders will also be treated to a special guest DJ performance by ex-Youth Broadcaster Rosso (of Merrick & Rosso fame).

29/01/01 Rocket Science will be playing a memorial show at The Tote, in memory of the late Sean Greenway, who passed away on January 21 2001. Sean was a member of the Yes Men, The Freeloaders, God and many other bands. See the GiG Guide for details.

27/1/01 No Rocket Science songs appeared in the Triple J Hottest 100. IT MUST BE RIGGED!!!!!!

9/1/01 Check out the new Meredith Music Festival and Homebake cds, both feature Rocket Science.

4/1/01 Melbourne BEAT magazine writer Murray Engleheart voted Welcome Aboard the 3C10 as no. 3 cd in his top 5 for 2000.

4/1/01 Esky magazine predict Rocket Science as being one of THE bands to watch out for in 2001.

20/12/00 adelaidetribe.com vote the Rocket Science gig at the Enigma bar Adelaide one or the top 5 gigs this year, also Welcome Aboard the 3C10 was voted one of the top 10 releases of 2000

20/12/00 Adelaide street press db and Rip it Up Magazine vote Welcome Aboard the 3C10 as one of the top releases in 2000.

17/12/00 Welcome Aboard the 3C10 voted Richard Kingsmill's no 10 cd release of 2000