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This Is How It All Started!

Its nigh on four years since Rocket Science burst forth from the murky depths of the Australian music scene and into the public consciousness. With a flurry of crazed rock moves, a punk-like impudence and one of the most
convincing rock shows in the country, the band quickly attracted the attention of Modular Recordings, inking a deal with them in early 2000.

Following on from the signing, Rocket Science released their debut LP in May of that same year. "Welcome Aboard the 3C-10" is an essential rock opus that includes the much-loved tracks "Burn in Hell" and "Copycat". After a series of stellar supports with the likes of You Am I, Boss Hog and The Supersuckers - plus live spots on well known festivals such as Homebake and The Falls, Rocket Science took some time out from the touring circuit to work on rock opus #2: "Contact High".

The manic 4 piece in question have widened their collective approach to both song writing and production. The bug-eyed, sweat-soaked rock show that is loved so well across the country continues to thrash itself to pieces. The bands frenetic energy now balanced with an air of calculation, giving more focus to the growing dexterity of each player and the production techniques featured on the album.
Recorded at Hothouse Audio in Melbourne during the wintry months of 2001 with the Pound System and the band themselves behind the production desk, "Contact High" builds on the promise offered by the group with their 2000
debut. The success of the first single from the album -"One Robot" has set the scene.

Rocket Science now find themselves in the enviable position where a band has all the ingredients required for success: a provocative and much-loved live show, an album that captures the live spirit of the band and then some, and an individual and incendiary take on rock and roll.
Its a move forward for the band. On February 11 2002 Rocket Science released what was sure to become one of the most important Rock albums of that year.